Spiritual awakening is to recognize yourself as awareness

Spiritual awakening is the realization that thoughts, sensations, or perceptions cannot determine the true nature of one's self. All thoughts, sensations, and perceptions are objects that appear and disappear within the field of awareness.

It is incredibly liberating to understand that thoughts cannot describe or comment on reality. Once it becomes clear that words, labels, or identities cannot define your true nature, you begin to live free from the constraints of your conditioning.

The beliefs you held about yourself all those years are revealed to be the product of conditioning from upbringing, education, culture, and society. They were primarily the thoughts and projections of others - parents, teachers, and friends. Through them, you constructed an imaginary self and falsely identified with it.

Following awakening, you transcend the game of identities, where you believed that individuals interacted with one another. Instead, you enter a reality where you experientially explore what you are and what your so-called "life" is. The notion of "you" as a person and "your life" as a narrative composed of memories, desires, beliefs, insecurities, self-image, and roles, no longer holds true.

Now, "you" are that which knows and is aware of the functions of the mind and body - thoughts, sensations, and perceptions. "Life" is no longer a story unfolding in time but a space of awareness in which all experiences spontaneously emerge in the present.

There is no greater knowledge than knowing your true nature and understanding how you relate to your experiences based on that self-discovery. The entire world transforms by changing how you engage with your experiences. You need not wait for political or economic changes to live a consciously aware life filled with love, acceptance, and understanding.

Nikos Batras