The best investment you can make is in yourself. If you want to change your life, you have to change how you feel about yourself. When you ignore your true nature, you lose your higher purpose in life, which is to live according to who you truly are. In this eBook, "Awareness - Realizing Our True Nature," you will find everything you need to know to recognize your true self and overcome the limitations that arise from your personal and cultural conditioning.

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Title: Awareness - Realizing Our True Nature - A Practical Guide to Self-Discovery and Spiritual Awakening
Author: Nikos Batras
Date of publication: 2023
Length: 202 pages
Format: .pdf
Price: $8.50
ISBN: 978-618-00-4635-9

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Many people around the world are suffering on a mental and psychosomatic level. Anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders have already reached epidemic proportions, while other symptoms such as wars, exploitation, greed, and corruption also stem from the same cause: a lack of self-knowledge that creates a deep sense of inadequacy and insecurity.

To compensate for inadequacy and insecurity, people seek fulfillment and security in material possessions, money, power, recognition, and attachment, creating a dysfunctional life for themselves and others.

Whatever the symptom, the way out of these states of unhappiness lies in recognizing the true nature of ourselves. Who we truly are does not depend on beliefs, memories, roles, and identities. True happiness is not merely an emotional state accompanied by pleasant feelings and experiences, but rather an inner state of peace and openness towards life.

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1. Awareness Is the Common Element of Our Experiences
2. Ego and Identities
3. The Destructive Nature of Judgment and Labeling
4. The 
Mind's Chatter 
    10 Things to Know About Thoughts
5. From Person to Presence
6. The Process of Change and the Stages of Spiritual Awakening
7. How to Deal Consciously with Emotions
8. The Psychotherapeutic Power of Awareness
Anxiety and panic attacks
Social phobia and social anxiety
    How to Recognize Negative Thoughts in Time
9. Meditation: Theory, Practice, Difficulties, and Benefits
    10 Reasons Why Breathing Plays a Key Role in Meditation 
10. Mindfulness: Bringing Awareness into Everyday Life
11. Reconnecting to the Source And Discovering Our True Nature 
12. How to Balance Mind, Body, and Awareness
13. Interpersonal Relationships: the Experiential and the Conceptual Approach
14. Happiness
15. Sleep, Death, and Fear of Death
16. Awareness and Society

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Readers' reviews

"One of the greatest awakening books written in a very comprehensible way!!"
~Ilias C.

"It's wonderful!💕"
~Natasa C.

"One of the greatest books I have ever read or will ever read! Topics of great importance, delivered so clearly! Thank you for this gift! I got it in .pdf format and printed it out for daily reading.💖"
~Sofia X.

"It has changed my way of thinking. Exquisite!😊"
~Nicole T.

"The book is revealing and requires daily engagement to assimilate its content. Thank you very much!"
~Dimitris V.

"A gem! 💎💎I find myself looking back at its pages almost every day!"
~Sofia P.