How to live authentically, not driven by egoic desires

any spiritual teachers often say, "You are already awakened, you don't need to do anything." However, this can be easily misinterpreted and one might think they no longer need to study the teaching, meditate, practice mindfulness, etc.

When our actions in life originate from a desire to feel complete, adequate, and valuable as individuals, egoic symptoms arise. We create "shoulds" that burden and instill fear of failure or loss, we compare ourselves to others, we exert excessive physical or mental pressure, we strive to prove our worthiness to others, we make bad decisions, and we may become oppressive or manipulative in relationships. In short, we generate unhappiness for ourselves and others because we live in an illusion where the egoic self can only feel secure under specific conditions.

When we genuinely recognize our inherent completeness at the level of the Self, everything we undertake in life is no longer driven by an urge to feel safe, adequate, or valuable. We engage in activities because the body-mind system possesses a potential that seeks expression through creativity, contribution, and growth.

We do not consciously choose this potential; the best we can do is to allow our system to unfold as it feels. By removing egoic limitations, restrictive beliefs, and psychological barriers, we can then engage in pursuits that resonate with our inner potential. Yet, to prevent these activities from becoming a means for inflating the egoic self, we must first understand and experience the true nature of the Self.

Self-discovery ensures that whatever we undertake in life is an authentic expression of our vital force and not merely an attempt to satisfy egoic desires. Consequently, individuals undergoing this transformation often alter their lifestyle, profession, or even their residence. The realization of their true self's nature no longer aligns with the way of life that was shaped before to serve the egoic self's needs.

Nikos Batras