Abiding in inner silence is the way to experience the truth

Please take a moment to imagine a life without problems, where life itself is not seen as a problem, and everything that occurs is merely an impersonal and transient phenomenon.

To perceive things as they are, it is essential not to interpret, judge, or label them. We must refrain from entering the realm of the mind by asking "What does this mean?"

Interpretations give rise to reactions, even though everything we perceive is temporary and impersonal life expressions.

Even the actions and behaviors of individuals are impersonal manifestations of life, as people are another way for life to express itself on this planet in the present.

Our true nature is to be aware of experiences as they unfold. However, to live in this manner, we must simply observe them without interpretations, whether they manifest as sensations, perceptions, emotions, or bodily functions.

We must learn to abide in inner silence to liberate ourselves from resistance towards life. Within that space of pure awareness, we can discover the true nature of the Self. Meditation provides a practical pathway to experiencing this truth.

Nikos Batras