5 signs you're on the right path

You can understand that you are on the right path of self-discovery and spirituality by observing certain signs and changes within yourself.

Mind chatter decreases

When you live more consciously, staying present and aware, unnecessary thoughts of the mind, such as dwelling on the past, judgmental thoughts, and ego-driven concerns, decrease. What remains are practical thoughts that help you navigate and organize your life on a physical level. A mind liberated from egoic perception operates more efficiently and effectively than an egoic mind.

Symptoms from egoic thoughts decrease

As your egoic thoughts of worry and fear lessen, the related symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and others also diminish. This leads to reduced psychosomatic symptoms like lower blood pressure, decreased muscle pains, and even improved skin conditions influenced by self-limiting thoughts and phobic beliefs.

You live more in the present

You are more present and mindful when you engage in various activities throughout your daily life. When washing your hands, for instance, you don't get caught up in thoughts about what happened yesterday, what others said to you, or how you should have responded. You keep your attention focused on the present experience. Many accidents are caused by mind chatter and distraction, so being present reduces such risks.

You react less to situations

An egoic mind tends to react to almost everything, judging, forming opinions, making comparisons, interpreting situations, recalling memories, imagining scenarios, and being excessively active, which can harm your body's health and overall well-being. As you react less, many problems go away by themselves, egoic conflicts in relationships decrease, and it becomes easier to accept your own experiences.

You feel more grateful, fulfilled, and humble

The more you accept life as it unfolds, the more you feel grateful and fulfilled. You begin to appreciate the miracle of existence in all its facets. As egoic perception and resistance decrease, you realize that life unfolds at its own pace and is not bound to conform to your personal egoic desires. Consequently, you feel whole and humble. Instead of trying to control life, you witness its expression through your form and all its diverse forms.

Nikos Batras