From person to Human Being

Most people perceive themselves as separate individuals with their life story, identity, and body image. We have associated human beings with this restrictive mental construct. This self-perception prevails in humanity and is the most harmful and dangerous on an individual and collective level.

The true transformation is to become a Human Being when, for years, we believed ourselves to be limited, self-centered persons. No other type of transformation involves changes of such great depth for the human species. No matter how much we alter our appearance, body, or identity, it pales in comparison to the transformation of an individual into a Human Being.

A Human Being is a being that encompasses all aspects of their existence. Yes, we are also mind and body, identity and roles, but these do not define us; they just appear and disappear within us. They are made of our essense, but if we don't identify with them they do not become real.

Beyond the temporary form we have taken, we are -and always remain- the One Being. Whether that energy form is in an organized state or not is insignificant. Believing that we are just the body and the self-image created by the mind causes great tension, effort, and stress because we perceive this limited and vulnerable form as our whole being.

However, when we use this temporary form to recognize that we are not merely this form, our innate potential unfolds to its fullest extent. Society-recognized abilities do not indicate true and profound growth. It is the sense of completeness which emanates from the I Am that characterizes true growth. One can experience this state only through sef-discovery.

Nikos Batras